Steak Supper at The Sizzling Scot

Yesterday evening I caught up with MissHoneyP for an early supper at one of her favourite and recommended restaurants for my Eating Edinburgh blog. It was a Monday night, pouring with rain and blowing a hooley, one of those nights you’d really rather be tucked up warm & snuggly at home with a good book but it takes more than that to put me off my quest.

On the main road in Dalry it’s situated in good company with some really great restaurants such as Sushiya, First Coast and La Partenope so hopes were high. It’s a restaurant I’ve walked past every day for over 3 years but never visited and being partial to my steak one I was very keen to try.

The decor is VERY Scottish, there are extracts from Burns engraved on the windows, Hairy Coos or Hamishes all around, Royal Blue and White walls, Tartan pads on the seats and the Bagpipes for background music, although thankfully this changed to some Proclaimers and Texas (I think a whole meal accompanied by The Pipes would have been a little much for even the strongest of constitutions). There are a mixture of diner style booths and traditional tables and classic photographs of Edinburgh on the wall. No mistaking the theme but not as extreme as some of The Royal Mile establishments.

a Chilean Cab Sav

The wine list was pretty standard with bottles ranging from £14.50-£23.50 and bubbly options £15.95-£37. A few Scottish beers were on the menu, including Stewart Brewing’s Embra as well as a couple of Interlopers from Italy & Mexico. We went for a Chilean Cab Sav, which proved to be a very drinkable, fruity little number.

The menu was pretty much what you would expect from a Steak House with a staple selection of high quality Aberdeen Angus Steaks and Burgers served with a variety of sauces, potatoes and sides. Prices for Starters £2.95-£5.45, Mains £9.50-£24.95 + extras for sauces etc and Puddings £1.50-£4.95. Being a bit of a carnivore and liking my steak to be still almost breathing I chose the Fillet with a Prince Charlie sauce (one of my favourite concoctions of Drambuie, Cream & Mushrooms, of which I make my own very mean version at home). Miss HoneyP being a regular went a little off menu choosing a Rib Eye with Balmoral Sauce (Whisky & Cream, also not listed on the menu) and a salad instead of onion rings.

That'll be a 'blue' (how Scottish!) Fillet for me please

The food took about 20 minutes to arrive, not out of the way and gave us a good chance to catch up on the gossip. When it did arrive, it wasn’t the most elegant of dishes but the Steak certainly looked the business and was after all the main feature. I was a little disappointed to find that the mushrooms in my sauce had been chopped up into little pieces but the taste was great and the Steak was very good! To be honest all that was left was one lonely chip after we’d both had our fill. Although I did find space for a Drambuie Liqueur Coffee (as you may have noticed I have a slight weakness for a good one) for afters.

Drambuie Liqueur Coffee in a Tartan Mug - how novel!

I can’t say it was an outstanding dining experience, but it also wasn’t by any means a bad one. Unfortunately I think our waitress was new and seemed very unsure on a number of things although she was nothing less than polite and prompt. The staff uniform of a Polo Shirt and jeans seemed a little too casual although I am reliably informed that it used to be a Scottish rugby shirt and jeans or a kilt which I love the idea of and seems more in keeping with the rest of the decor/theme.

So to the scoring, the bathrooms got a 6/10, The service a 5/10 and the overall score was a 7/10, greatly boosted by the fact the steak itself was delicious and beautifully cooked!

Although I’m not raving about this one I’ve been told of numerous instances when these guys have gone the extra mile (one example was making a Pavlova from scratch on the night for a regular customer) and they do have a solid, local following and I believe at the weekend it’s highly advisable to book.

Would I go again? I don’t think I would make a special effort to go there but if I was in the vicinity with friends and fancied a Steak supper then yes I would give it another go.

I asked Miss HoneyP to sum up the evening and this is what she had to say “as ever it provided a haven of much needed Scottish warmth, without the pretention and city centre snobbery. It’s all about the food, presenting top quality dishes from top quality local businesses. It’s not just a Scottish themed restaurant, they are Scottish and proud of it!” 103-105 Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2AB. 0131 337 7744

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