99 Hanover Street’s 99p Lunch

I’ve seen the flyers for 99 Hanover Street’s 99p lunch but never tried it so when ‘Texan Lassie’ suggested it this week I thought it’d be a great one to review. Whilst waiting for TL to arrive (she was delayed by the Pope mobile, or the photographing of…) I was more than happy to let my eyes wander around the baroque style interior. Comfy battered sofas and an old piano are next to a set of decks on entering. Large paintings by local guest artists are on the wall as well as for sale. The ceiling is beautifully decorated, massive gilt frames cradle paintings (and even a huge flat screen TV). Wooden tables and floors all add to the ambience.

Local artists can showcase and sell here

The 99p Express Lunch menu is surprising, exactly what it says, there are 3 courses on offer, each priced at 99p and to qualify for these prices you must order at least 2 courses and a beverage. These 3 courses change daily and run alongside their normal lunch menu. Prices on the main menu are from £2.50-£4.99 so we’re still not talking expensive.

My 99p Starter

Today’s 99p Menu comprised of a Starter of Black Pudding & apple salad, a Main of Pork & Leek Sausages with mash & red onion gravy and a Dessert of Orange sorbet. Not being a huge pudding fan I opted for a Starter and the Main. TL went for a B.R.T. an open sandwich with smoked bacon, rocket, vine tomatoes with a basil aioli from the main lunch menu.

my 99p lunch compared to TL's £4.99 one

The 99p Lunch is available between 12.00-14.00 Mon-Fri

What can I say? For less than the price of a supermarket packet of sandwiches I just had 2 reasonably tasty and filling courses, what’s not to like?! I’m not sure how they can afford to do it but I would say get in there while this offer’s still running! The only limitation is the choice available but the rest of the menu isn’t tough on the pocket.

The scoring was pretty easy on this one, The Bathrooms a 7/10 (despite the suspicious smell of incense), the service an 8.5/10 and overall a 7/10.

It’s not spectacular, more hearty, but when a 2 course lunch and drink in a beautifully appointed city centre restaurant comes in at £3.50 I call that a win. My only gripe was the really cheap, sharp edged cutlery that I had with my first course. A great touch was the tomato ketchup being served in an eggcup, ideal for dunking chips in, genius!

The bar

99 Hanover Street (no web), 99 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DJ

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