Cafe St Honoré – my first guest blog! (AVM)

Everyone, I’m so excited to have a guest writer, AVM has enjoyed this blogging lark so much she’s submitting her own piece for your delight & delectation! (I think I’d better watch out!)

“Gaelic meets Gallic is an apt description of Cafe St Honore writes guest blogger, AVM (Welcome, Ed).

Tucked down a cobbled side street off Thistle Street the restaurant presents a welcoming sight for those coming in from the chilly autumn air.

On this occasion I was dining with 3 other companions for a reunion and we were swiftly settled in and provided with iced water, bread basket and menus, comfortably French! In the background Edith Piaf was playing, tables were set with crisp white linen and the cutlery sparkled in the candlight. Cafe St Honore resembles a modish bistro in the heart of Montmartre though the bistro chairs were a little uncomfortable for my bony behind! (although a minor quibble) The place filled up very quickly and Edith was soon drowned out by the chatter of diners.

I resisted the urge to stuff down the bread like a rabid gull (rabid gull? Ed) to be able to enjoy the meal. We chose from the Cafe Classics menu (prices ranged from £22.00 for 3 courses, a la carte starts at approx. £7 upwards for starters and £20 for mains) which provided a good mix of fish and game and rather to the chagrin of the chef we pretty much chose the same thing- coq au vin anyone? We also had starters of smoked salmon and game sausage roll (was that the gaelic influence (the sausage roll I mean)? Ed). Not a great range for the vegetarian though.

The sausage roll was small but very gamey with a crisp batter and the coq au vin was decent enough save for the undercooked onions which resembled marbles… Washed down with delicious New Zealand sauvignon the wine was rather on the pricey side. We had tart tatin and creme brulee to follow- veery tasty.

Quel dommage – a few downsides –  uni-sex loos (oh la la!),Edith Piaf on loop (what about chanteuse Carla Bruni for a change?) and the marble-like onions, expensive wine and being told at the end of our meal that we would have to vacate for the next set of diners…. Room for improvement methinks.

In closing would I go back? Would I lick the plate (again)? Yes on both counts! (yes well, Ed)

Bon Appetit!”

Cafe St Honoré, 34 North West Thistle Street Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 1EA

0131 226 2211

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