Lunch at EH15 (a catering college bar & restaurant)

I was absolutely delighted when an acquaintance of mine from Jewel & Esk College’s Marketing team dropped me a line to say she had been enjoying my Eating Edinburgh blog and would I like to come and try out their restaurant on the Campus. I’ve never eaten in a restaurant run by catering college students as a commercial enterprise and wasn’t really sure what to expect so was more than happy to accept the invitation.

EH15 Restaurant

On arrival in the restaurant we were greeted by a line of well dressed serving staff, looking for all the world like something from a Gordon Ramsay programme (& certainly making me feel quite important and special). We were taken through from the modern, slick bar area into the restaurant which was light, bright and had stunning panoramic views, it was quite unexpected and absolutely lovely.

A brilliantly simple menu & pricing

Two young men brought the menus over to the table and introduced themselves, assuring us they were there to look after us during our meal. The Menu was simple offering a choice of three starters, four main courses, one of which was a vegetarian option and three desserts. What was really surprising were the prices, the starters & desserts were all priced at £2.25 and the Mains, all at £5.00, what a brilliantly easy way of running things!

Marinated Turkey Stir Fry Starter

To start, I chose a Marinated Turkey Stir Fry and my companions, the Cream of Tomato soup and for the main I went for the Navarin of Lamb and my fellow diners both chose the Roast Duck with Orange & Thyme. As we munched on our lovely brioche style bread rolls and waited for our starters to arrive I tore my eyes away from the view to take in the decor, the dining room was well laid out, the tables all pleasingly dressed for service, the windows running the entire length of the room were definitely the focal point and the walls fairly minimal, except for a few paintings by some of their Art students.

Roast Duck with orange & thyme

The food itself was of a good standard, well presented and the portion sizes spot on. The staff were uber polite and the restaurant itself had a nice gentle ambience about it. I was really quite envious of the other diners who were coiffing wine along with their lunches and imagine that some of them are regulars. To be fair if I lived in that neck of the woods I may well be too especially at those prices, with a 3 course lunch at £9.50 and a 3 course dinner between £12.50-£18.50  it’s certainly competitive.

Navarin of Lamb with Jardiniere of Vegetables

I didn’t have dessert as although intrigued by the lemon ice cream served with the banana fritters, it had unfortunately sold out. But luckily for you, my companions did and a steamed chocolate pudding joined the aforementioned fritter at our table and I have to say were polished off with much gusto!

All in all it was a very enjoyable lunch in a well appointed and comfortable venue. I had completely forgotten I was in an education establishment until I went to the bathroom which was across the corridor outside of the restaurant and bar area. The service was quietly polite and apart from a couple of minor details (eg, missing soup spoons when starters arrived) these relatively new first year students did themselves proud. There is also an outdoor dining terrace which I imagine would be delightful on a warmer/sunnier day.

A good option for an al fresco summer lunch...

Although I didn’t pay for this meal, I would have been happy to and would definitely suggest giving it a go if you’re in the area!

EH15, Jewel & Esk College, 24 Milton Road East, EH22 3FR. 0131 344 7344

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