(Guest Blog) Le Mouton Noir, they’re game if you are!

Now these two don’t need introducing to you regulars but if this is your 1st visit to Eating Edinburgh I can assure you that they are a couple of fine dining companions! I was unable to make this little soiree as I had a prior engagement at a Curryaoke! and the pictures they kept MMS-ing a ravenous me while I was en route very nearly got them ‘de-friended’, black sheep indeed! (Baa! ;o)

“One chilly autumnal evening AVM and Strawberry Blonde sought refuge in Le Mouton Noir in Bruntsfield.
Inside the room is simply furnished, unpretentious and there was no Edith Piaf playing! (not this again, Ed). Taking our seats at bistro style tables Strawberry Blonde and I perused the menu which offered a good selection of mainly meat based dishes (sounds like my kind of place! Ed) with starters being included in the price of the mains which came at approximately £17 or so.

L'escargots 'garlicky'

There is a limited selection of wine but it is all French and not pricey. AVM and Strawberry Blonde opted for a very serviceable house red. A minor quibble – the bread was placed at our table a little tardy we thought (feeding the rabid gull again?! Ed).

Rabbit stew with sausage

For starters, Strawberry Blonde opted for rabbit stew with sausage whilst AVM had garlicky snails. These starters were shared with gusto with Strawberry Blonde darting in to mop up the delicious garlic laden sauce once the snails were eaten (you should know her by now AVM! Ed). Unfortunately, Strawberry Blonde chowed down on a piece of shot from her rabbit- well the menu did say “wild Scottish rabbit” and they meant it! Happily however, no teeth were lost during this find.

that Lamb looks to die-for! (well I suppose it did..)

The mains were lamb for AVM and Strawberry Blonde chose guinea fowl and promptly declared  that there was nothing foul about her dish with skinny fries to share. For some time all you could hear were contented snufflings (piglets ‘snuffle’! #justsaying, Ed) as AVM and Strawberry Blonde ate their way to game heaven.
We shared a cheese platter which contained a selection of French cheeses with AVM making inroads into her favourite blue.

Guinea Fowl or an Impressionist artwork?!

As we came to the end of our meal the restaurant had quickly filled up and whilst we only had the table for a limited time we were not asked to move. The bathrooms were clean and serviceable.
The bill came to £61 which we thought was terrific value for money for absolutely delicious food and decent service. As Strawberry Blonde put it: “Still drooling at the thought of that rabbit stew! Real gem of a restaurant worth a trip to Bruntsfield on it’s own!”

Mouton Noir's rustic looking cheese board

9 forks out of 10 – a thoroughly enjoyable experience!”
Le Mouton Noir, 3 Viewforth, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH10 4JD.     0131 229 3252  

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