Eating Edinburgh – where HAVE I been? (a wee update)

Hello all and a very big Happy New Year to you all! As you may have noticed Eating Edinburgh has been rather quiet over the past few weeks, nothing sinister just a rather hectic pre festive dining schedule and a rather good holiday overseas but I’m back now and normal service should resume shortly.

I have some great Edinburgh restaurants to write up from before Christmas, including The Kitchin, No 1 at The Balmoral and Beirut (a great Lebanese place) and there are also some guest blogs in the pipeline.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you some pictures of the fabulous dishes that I sampled whilst on holiday in Singapore and Thailand, my mouth is watering just remembering some of them and my heart was broken at the beautiful shellfish dishes that my friends were able to eat, but alas I could not


Steamed chicken with rice

On my 1st night in Singapore I was taken to a local restaurant (in the Katong district) famed in Singapore for it’s chicken & rice. The chickens hung up look decidedly unappetising being completely white in colour but I have to say it was mighty tasty. The sweet molassey/soy sauce that went on the rice along with your own chilli oil/ginger sauce concoction really made this a dish of perfect simplicity and packed full of flavour!

Jumbo's Seafood Restaurant

Jumbo’s is a large specialist seafood restaurant on the East Coast, facing the impressive shipping channel in the Singapore Strait. The same channel I took a fully clothed sunrise dip in on Xmas day and later on that day windsurfed in, but that’s another story!
Here we had a lovely lunch of crispy baby squid, salt & pepper prawns and sweet & sour fish, delicious!

Tiger prawn Caesar salad

This was my appetiser on arriving at our hotel in Thailand & yes I agree it was rather large!
A huge prawn that had been butterflied and griddled, served with crispy bacon and a large parmesan ‘disc’ with a strangely sweet although not unpleasant dressing.

a stunning crab starter

This was a starter that AVM & Strawberry Blonde went for one evening in our hotel in Thailand. Visually stunning I believe that on sampling it was equally as tasty!

Carpaccio of Sea Bass

Whilst AVM & SB were snuffling over their crab, I had this amazing sea bass carpaccio, I can still feel the texture and summon up the taste, it was a triumph and made me a lot less woeful about not eating shellfish!

'Salmon fashion sandwich'

The strangest name it has to be said & I did have to giggle to myself on ordering it with a straight face but this was delicious. Again, a starter?? the portion control in Thailand is right up my street! 2 very generous rolls of smoked salmon with an avocado and a sort of coleslaw/mayonnaise filling with very tasty uncooked tuna slices, bliss on a plate (although it wasn’t there for long!)

I'm watching you!

On our final night back in Singapore we were lucky enough to be taken by a real local foodie to the aptly named Seafood Paradise restaurant below the Singapore Flyer. Aain the restaurant was lined with tanks full of tasty ‘ingredients’ and this crab dish was one of many that was sampled that night although my favourite was actually Wasabi prawns in a rich wasabi/mayonnaise sauce, something I’ll definitely be trying to recreate in my own kitchen very soon!

There were many many more fantastic dishes consumed on my Eastern travels but I hope you enjoyed this little taster.

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