A cheeky Steak Tartare (& the rest!) at The Witchery

On a quiet and unassuming Wednesday afternoon (last week) someone tweeted me asking if I could recommend a good restaurant in Paris, although sadly I could not, I was able to point them towards an exceptional restaurant in Terminal 2 of Charles De Gaulle airport where Strawberry Blonde & I indulged in a cheeky Pink Champagne & Steak Tartare lunch en route back from an amazing trip to Buenos Aires visiting good friend Dr Bees last year.

That was it, the thought was in my head and I couldn’t shake it! I decided to ask Twitter for recommendations for Steak Tartare and suggestions included The Dakota Hotel, The Mouton Noir, Rhubarb at The Prestonfield, Porterhouse Edinburgh and The Witchery, I happened to tell SB, but she was already one step ahead of me and already discovered we could get an early table at The Witchery! I’d never been before and it felt deliciously naughty going somewhere so extravagant for no other reason than we fancied it!

The master plan had been to have a couple of glasses of wine before arriving then have a steak tartare and a glass of wine each & leave, keeping the bill to a minimum. Did that happen? Of course not, especially when SB got talking with the Sommelier, our fate was gloriously sealed!

For anyone who hasn’t been before, You’ll probably have an idea what it’s like inside as it’s so well publicised but what I certainly wasn’t expecting was for it to be pretty much full on a Wednesday night in March! The staff were, as one would expect, politely respectful and reserved however our Sommelier was a star (despite having impossibly large sideburns, but that’s another matter) he clearly knew his way around the weighty tome that is the Wine List. Honestly I’ve never seen anything like it, it was as thick as a Bible and apparently one of the largest in Scotland. We settled on a bottle (yes, 1st transgression) of South African Shiraz.

We were offered a choice of breads and both went for the sun-dried tomato, given that we were allotted two hefty slices each, I never dreamt it’d be so delicious that we’d polish off a couple more slices, each!! We were even offered more butter by our eagle-eyed waiter, don’t think that’s ever happened before! The wine was silky smooth and we were highly entertained by both the people watching opportunities afforded and our own decadence!

The main event arrived, our whole reason for being there and boy was it worth it! A golden orb (sounds more fitting than plain old chicken egg yolk) perfectly crowned the (possibly) tastiest Steak Tartare I’ve ever had. There was no need to add anything to it and the accompanying chips and salad (unusual I admit) all worked so harmoniously that we had to slow down as we really didn’t want it to end.  Therein lay our next digression…

On being offered the dessert menu we took a look, purely out of interest but yes, you guessed it, we spotted something that we find very hard to resist, a very tempting cheeseboard and then of course we needed another discussion with the Sommelier to discuss Port/Wine options to accompany the cheeseboard! It was delicious and again had trouble not wolfing it down.

Sated yet bereft that it was time to leave we decided to prolong it just a little longer so ordered a couple of Irish Coffees to round off what had been an exquisite and totally impromptu evening out. Now I think I’m going to have to work my way round the other suggestions to see exactly who does do the best Steak Tartare in Edinburgh (any excuse) although I think this will take some beating.

The Witchery, 352 Castle Hill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NF. 0131 225 5613

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2 Responses to “A cheeky Steak Tartare (& the rest!) at The Witchery”

  1. January 12, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    I love the Witchery. Lovely food and incredibly relaxed atmosphere. The best steak tartare I’ve had in Edinburgh (so far) though was at Chez Jules in Hanover Street.

    • January 12, 2012 at 9:10 pm #

      Oooh, thanks for the heads up, I’ve never been & it’s about time for another steak tartare & lucky me, it even fits in with my low carb & fat diet! :0)
      Will let you know how I get on

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