BYOB at Beirut Lebanese Restaurant, South Side, Edinburgh

Now this is a very tardy blog, as it was back at the start of December last year when the snow was deep and travel by anything other than foot or ski, was treacherous and likely to result in a lengthy and unplanned stay wherever you happened to be!

Due to the time-lapse (& perhaps the amount of fizz & wine consumed), I’ll keep it brief but Salt n’Sass, Salidatious, The Pineapple, Strawberry Blonde and I, greedy guts that we are, still all made it up to Marshall Street in the Southside to try Edinburgh’s first Lebanese restaurant.

Surprisingly simple decor

The welcome was friendly (we later found out that the weather had seriously affected trade with many large xmas parties and bookings being cancelled at the last minute) and were the only diners for the duration but this did mean that we had the full attention of the staff as well as some good banter!

It was the run up to Christmas and also Salidatious’ birthday so we had an excuse to celebrate and push the boat out. Being BYOB we took full advantage and between us had a sizeable collection of Bubbly and wine to help keep the chill out & do the job in hand.

Mixed starters

Wanting to try as many things as possible we chose a selection of starters to share including houmus, sweet sticky cocktail sausages, stuffed vine leaves, feta cheese filled ‘spring rolls’ and halloumi cheese.

For Mains the chicken & lamb dishes were flavour of the day, I was literally in carnivore heaven with a menu heavily featuring grilled/spiced meats although the weather had affected deliveries and not everything was available, including the lamb schawarma, which I know SB & I had been greatly looking forward to sampling.

Still, I think we can safely say that the generous portions and tasty food kept us demanding food-loving ladies well satisfied and comfortable in our environs. So much so we even went in for desserts, a little unneccessary perhaps bearing in mind I could barely move by that point but hey, it was cold out and we needed to ‘bulk up’!


A traditional Baklawa was an easy choice but being from Devon, the home of clotted cream, I was intrigued by Znoud Alset, sweet fried pastry with clotted cream and pistachio nuts. Both were (expectedly) incredibly sweet and sticky and a comforting indulgence and a good contrast with a strong black coffee!

Coffee & clotted cream filled pastries

The decor was surprisingly simple, consisting of dark solid wooden furniture and beams, white walls, simple fabric booths, a few plants and a little bizarrely, a giant flat screen TV on the wall, not the elaborate carvings and colours I had been expecting.

Would I go back? Yes definitely, when the weather hadn’t affected deliveries and there were other customers to create more of an ambience. There is a Lamb Schawarma with my name on it & I’ll let you know when I catch up with it!


Beirut, 14-20 Marshall Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9BU. 0131 667 9919

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