The Plumed Horse Tasting Menu (with wines of course :o)

As ‘Carnage’ tradition has been over the past 12 months it was my turn to pick a birthday venue for a tasting menu courtesy of my very good friends! The big day was actually a few months ago but I’d really wanted to tie it in with a visit from Dr Bees who lives overseas so still had yet to make an appearance in the blog (and in Leith for that matter!).  I’d been wanting to go to the Plumed Horse for ages so it wasn’t a difficult choice for me and the tasting menu with the complimentary wines always leaves you with less deliberation and more time to gossip, as we ladies sometimes can!

The Plumed Horse - dining room decor

The greeting on arrival was impeccably charming and ‘correct’ and we were shown to the far table which afforded both a view in to the kitchen and also across the rest of the dining room, they clearly knew we like to observe while eating, either that or they thought we might be trouble and stuck us in the corner!

The decor is quintessentially understated and refined, muted duck egg blue walls,  traditional cornicing and features, plain lighting and perfectly dressed tables nudged shoulders with some pretty colourful and impressive modern artworks by a local husband and wife.

The crockery, glassware, cutlery & linen were all of the highest quality complimented with the hushed murmur of an almost-full restaurant (not bad for a Wednesday night pre Festival).

The tasting Menu starts with a glass of Champagne (or Kir Royale) along with canapes, however AVM was still en route so we opted for the champagne until she arrived and had the canapes separately.

Velouté of British Asparagus

look what happens when you tuck in!

Next was a Velouté of British Asparagus, on arrival it looked like any normal bowl of soup, however like children at Willy Wonka’s Factory we were delighted to find that when you stuck your spoon in, it all started bubbling up, it was amazing! (I would really love to know how Tony Borthwick, Head Chef & owner does it!).

Roast Fillet of Monkfish, sautéed Scallop, herb & brown shrimp Risotto, scallop sauce

Next up was the fish dish, roast fillet of Monkfish with a sauteéd scallop and a herb & shrimp risotto! Looks good doesn’t it?! I couldn’t have the scallop or the scallop sauce unfortunately but it was still a lovely dish. The accompanying Sancerre was also a perfect match!

Foie Gras 'ice cream'

& now the one I had been really looking forward to, the Foie Gras & Sauternes Trifle with brioche Melba Toast. I know a lot of folk have strong opinions on this one but with many trips to France under my belt I’ve come to love Foie Gras and this sounded really peachy especially served with a Sauternes, a classic combo!. I hadn’t realised that this dish would be ‘ice-cream cold’ however , I find it really hard to describe but I struggled to eat it I think out of the four of us only SB really seemed to enjoy it.

Roast Loin of Lamb with celeriac fondant, clapshot & a shallot & Madeira purée

Thankfully we had a red meat course next, a roast loin of Scottish lamb with a celeriac fondant, clapshot, shallot & Madeira purée and our first red of the evening, a Chateauneuf-du-Pape at that! Delicious! beautifully presented and faultless, I was back in fine dining heaven!


Up next was our pre-dessert – here my hopes of a little nibble of cheese to sate my more savoury persuasion were dashed and a dainty dish of chocolate macaroon with cherry ice cream were placed in front of us. Our glasses were however topped up rather generously with the chateauneuf!

Hot Raspberry Souffle

Unfortunately at this point in the meal my attention tends to wane as desserts and sweet things really aren’t my thing but I can tell you that the rest of our party fairly wolfed down the pre-dessert, swiftly followed by the actual dessert, a hot Scottish raspberry souffle with Vanilla ice cream. Not my bag but the presentation was exquisite!

nice touch with the Petits Four

Coffee and petits four rounded off the evening, I couldn’t manage mine but AVM soon guzzled them down as well as her own!

I love the crockery here! can't beat a nice bit of Royal Doulton

To summarise, a lovely meal with great company, the surroundings were calming, comfortable and not detracting from the food, the staff were excellent, uber-polished but very open to a bit of banter from the more ‘raucous’ of the group! The food was good – well presented, well cooked and very tasty and apart from the one course that wasn’t to our taste, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. They were also very generous with the wine with each course. At £65 per head & £45pp for the complimenting wines it’s on a par with the other Edinburgh based Michelin starred restaurants. I would definitely go again but would go A la carte and stick with red meats and wine, the carnivore that I am!

a patriotic & rather lovely centrepieceThank you to AVM & Strawberry Blonde for the supper and it was great to finally welcome Dr Bees properly to Eating Edinburgh. We didnt do badly that day as Dr Bees and I had already had a beautiful al fresco lunch at La Piazza earlier in the day, gluttons that we are!

The Plumed Horse, 50-54 Henderson Street, Leith, Edinburgh, EH6 6DE 0131 554 5556

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3 Responses to “The Plumed Horse Tasting Menu (with wines of course :o)”

  1. Strawberry Blonde
    August 24, 2011 at 2:25 pm #

    Ooh.. a timely reminder of a wonderful evening! For sheer dining delight, I’d go back and have the amazing Asparagus Veloute and the Monkfish time after time. We appear to be running out of Michelin Starred restaurants to try in Ed.. I wonder if there are any new stars on the horizon!

  2. AVM
    August 26, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    An amazing foodie experience all round. Beats the hell out of Castle Terrace (see Nadine’s previous post).

  3. October 7, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Really sorry to see The Plumed Horse lose it’s star in the 2012 guide! Hopefully they’ll be back on the map for 2013 though!

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