Kyloe, Edinburgh’s new Gourmet Steak Restaurant at The (newly-refurbed) Rutland

Whilst still in the throes of the ‘meat sweats’ and not really capable of much more this afternoon I thought I’d write this one up, hot-off-the-grill so to speak!

Regulars will be well aware of my carnivorous tendencies so when I was approached by The Rutland’s PR agency to see if I’d be interested in trying out their newly refurbed Gourmet Steak restaurant, there wasn’t really any hesitation! As always, on being I asked, I did say that I would happily try it out but would state that it was a comp and I would still be honest, clearly confident in their wares, there was no hesitation on their part. Being a fellow steak afficionado, SurfPunkIan was hardly coerced into being my dining companion on this occasion!

The professional Kyloe interior shot (mine didn’t do it justice)

Immediate impressions on arrival were all good, the decor is really clever, it’s like an elegant, stylish ranch. It’s clearly aimed at Edinburgh’s fine dining set with clean well dressed tables blending seamlessly with quirky cowhide booths and genius barrel-lights suspended from the ceiling.

The menu is unfussy, two pages (their 2 course for £10 lunch, simply placed in the cover of the a la carte), covering a well thought out set of starters and mains, with the focus clearly on the Beef! There were some really interesting options in terms of cut of meat as well as sauces.

the steak board

The waiter actually brought a board with the raw cuts to our table and talked us through them which was a really nice touch and not something I’ve ever had when dining in the UK before. Although we ordered just a glass of wine each (it was lunchtime and a work day so we should be commended on our remarkable restraint I think) both bottles were brought to our table for inspection too, SurfPunk went for the Angus, Australian Cab Sav and myself an Argentinian Shiraz Malbec.

our wine selections – we did only have one glass each I promise!

We chose our mains, Surfpunk, the 600g Sirloin on the bone, with a bone marrow sauce and myself the Fillet with a Sherry & Manchego butter, accompanied by beef dripping chips, creamed spinach and savoy cabbage with bacon. To be fair that was really plenty for lunch but both being greedy meat fiends we got seduced by a starter Plate of Beef. I kid you not, we actually ordered more!

warm bread with aubergine puree

We were brought a lovely warm loaf of bread with butter and an aubergine puree which we naughtily indulged in despite knowing how much we had to come.

Our eyes lit up when the starters arrived, they were just beautiful! Four perfectly presented tasters, pastrami with a cornichon and carrot puree, sweet cured beef, steak tartare with a quails egg and finally a carpaccio of Aberdeen Angus fillet with a horseradish cream! I REALLY enjoyed this dish, if I was being really picky, I’d say the tartare was a little over-onioned and seasoned in comparison to the other dishes but that said I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again.

‘Plate of Beef’ starters

We had a little wait until the mains arrived but on seeing the size of SPI’s steak when it arrived I’m not surprised, it was a beast, like the big slabs I sampled more than my fair share of in Argentina last year! We ordered the sauces separately so that we could taste the beef but on actually sampling the steaks I think the sauces were surplus to requirements. Mine was perfectly cooked, a marshmallowy-blue-meaty-heaven and SPI’s was super tasty, charred on the outside through to blue in the centre, hmmmm! The chips were a little bit of a disappointment, I prefer a bit of crunch on the outside but the cabbage with bacon was delicious (I forgot to try the spinach).

the beast – a 600g Sirloin on the bone with a bone marrow sauce

The dessert menus were brought but we had to concede a defeat and try to sharpen ourselves back up to an office-ready state with a caffeine hit! On popping out to check out the bathrooms (black and sparkly with one of those really powerful hand driers), I happened to meet Chef, David Haetzman at the pass and I’m pleased to report he looks exactly as I would hope a Scottish chef would look like!

Fillet steak with a Manchego & Sherry Butter

To summarise, it was good, REALLY tasty meat and a really interesting pleasurable dining experience, a couple of tweaks would make it perfect but it’s still in soft launch mode, the official opening is tomorrow (the 28th). Handily situated just around the corner from our office, we will definitely be going back and taking clients moving forwards! It’s a quality offering at a quality price point but if you’re on a budget there are cheaper set-menu options for lunch or dinner. Yes, they knew I was coming and that it would be blogged but we did find it hard to pick fault, apart from the chips and a bit of a delay in paying for our drinks, neither major issues, I’ll be happy to recommend and return as a fully paying customer.

Kyloe Restaurant & Grill, 1-3 Rutland Street, Edinburgh, EH1 2AE. 0131 229 3402

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3 Responses to “Kyloe, Edinburgh’s new Gourmet Steak Restaurant at The (newly-refurbed) Rutland”

  1. October 27, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

    Firstly thanks to Nadine for another tasty Edinburgh outing, we are very lucky to have you around!

    The Sirloin on the bone is not a cut you see very often, especially in the UK and I could not resist having it.

    The steak was large for a lunch time but so flavoursome and tender that I somehow managed to eat it all. I ordered the bone marrow sauce on the side and this rich concoction would probably work very well as a glaze and certainly interesting to taste but the meat was aged and tasty enough for me today.The accompanying watercress and slow roast tomato would have sufficed, with the steak being the main attraction but I ordered a side of creamed spinach and dripping cooked chips anyway.

    The spinach was whole leaf and tasty in a rich nutmeg cream but I only tasted it briefly before focusing solely on the steak. I also felt the chips could have been crispier but again would not have had room for them anyway.

    The whole customer experience was good and the main server was knowledgeable on both wine and meat whilst attentive in a way that I hope they maintain as they become busier after opening.

    I will be revisiting again as the meat board sounded very, very good…….

    Thumbs up and a welcome addition to central Edinburgh.

  2. November 7, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Kyloe might just be my favourite new Edinburgh restaurant. I confess that we ate like there was no tomorrow. In fact if there was no tomorrow, I’d happily visit Kyloe for my last meal.

    First off, what a job they’ve done of transforming the restaurant into a sleek, stylish venue. It looks fantastic, but the genius has really gone into the menu itself. It’s not complicated and provides a good range, which is helpful when you are as indecisive as me.

    I was joined in this meaty extravaganza by two ardent steak lovers, including my other half for whom it was a birthday treat, so we were delighted to be shown the board of raw cuts before we made our selection. The waitress was very knowledgeable and friendly, which is always a good sign.

    To start we ordered Fritto Misto, Terrine of Scottish Game and a Plate of Beef [yes, really]. We barely spoke as we ate because everything was so delicious: the tempura was light and crispy, the terrine rich and comforting, and the wine that was recommended to us complemented our choices perfectly. I absolutely adored the Steak Tartare – I’ll be going back for that alone.

    Being gourmands [i.e. a bit greedy] we shared the bone in Prime Rib. We actually gasped when it arrived – there was so much of it! Again, there was nothing to fault, and the sauces [bone marrow and peppercorn] were also delicious. The centre of the roast was juicy, pink and melt in the mouth, and there was a bit of bargaining as to who got the most rare slices!

    I hesitate to tell you this, but the burger slider also made an appearance on our table. Each burger was perfectly cooked and the plate was picked clean. The venison was a particular success. Yes, we actually managed to eat all of that, along with fries and a side of cabbage and bacon which was juicy, salty and perfectly cooked.

    As you might imagine there was no room for desert, but we did manage to squeeze in a cocktail to finish. Just.

    So we kind of went over the score, but Kyloe made a birthday boy smile and we left more than happy with our food choices, the wine, and the overall ambience. At 3pm on Saturday afternoon it was relatively quiet, but I can’t see that being the case for long. Get a table while you can.


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