A working week and eating out (every day!) while on a diet! (how do you think I did?)

Well folks, this is a blog on last week’s lunches out! It started so well and I went for the ‘good’ options but it completely went to pot on Weds when I was seduced by a cheeky creme brulee!

Monday – Kyloe, The Rutland

(not bad – rump steak burger, no bun & salad, no dressing, a tasty and simple dish)

steak burger with a tomato & shallot salad, no dressing – Kyloe

Tuesday – Wagamama, Lothian Road

(not bad, but also not great! a beef & ginger salad, with dressing and sticky ribs, the ribs were fab & the salad, pretty much as I would expect it to be)

(very) sticky ribs

beef salad with ginger and coriander

Wednesday – The Honours, North Castle Street

(totally out the window with Prix Fixe menu – a steal at £17.50 per head btw! a creamy dream of a mutton broth, beef with braised lettuce & potatoes dauphinoise followed by a creme brulee & prunes soaked in Armagnac)

creamy mutton broth

melt in the mouth beef (with dauphinoise potatoes, ahem!)

creme brulee with Armagnac soaked prunes

Thursday – Urban Angel, Forth Street

(good, it had to be really after yesterday! a lentil and red pepper soup while chatting with Gilly from Urban Angel for the next instalment in my #foodbloggerbelly quest)

parsley root, roasted garlic & caraway seed soup at Urban Angel

Friday – Part 1

(breakfast on the stupid-o-clock train down to London, don’t worry, it does get better!)

breakfast on the train, I ‘edited it’ accordingly (no tatty scone or bacon fat)

Friday later on…

Now this is where it gets really good, the client we were visiting in Leicester Square suggested we try ‘Escargot‘ Marco Pierre White’s Michelin starred restaurant, situated just around the corner and offering a 2 course lunch for £15 per head! (cheaper than starred restaurants in Edinburgh!!!) of course we went! The worst part was that we only had about 45 minutes between meetings so speed ate, it was fabulous but do need to go back and do it full justice!

rosette of smoked salmon, creme fraiche, capers & pickled shallots

braised daube of venison Bourguignon

And there you have it a summary of eating out through my last working week, and if that wasn’t enough I was also out on Saturday night to preview a special burns dish at Kyloe and on Sunday night a post-cinema supper at The Pine Garden Chinese restaurant in Morningside and then I’ll be back out for a team lunch on Monday!!!

It’s really not conducive to a svelter figure is it? The only solution, I think, is to go away to an island spa/health resort to get myself back into shape! hmm, now there’s a wee idea……..

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3 Responses to “A working week and eating out (every day!) while on a diet! (how do you think I did?)”

  1. January 31, 2012 at 11:42 am #

    Some people would pay to have your week! Thanks for your round-up. You are a bit of a Kyloe girl, aren’t you. But I think I remember you writing you work just around the corner. So at least you aren’t always in nearby Subway ;D Lucky you at Escargot, too. Must check to see if you have reviewed nearby The Mulroy.

  2. September 9, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    Quite impressive you managed to resist the higher calorie foods, did you make any special requests as to how the food was cooked? Less oil etc?

    Creme brulee and prunes – that’s really just dairy and fruit isn’t it…! 😉

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