Day One of my week Trial of Diet Chef! #foodbloggerbelly

If anyone is wondering about my quest to lose the #foodbloggerbelly so far, it’s been an abysmal failure! Partly due to regular work travel and client entertainment, partly down to not planning my grocery shopping for when I am home but mainly down to sheer gluttony! I’ve seen regular adverts for local Scottish company Diet Chef  and a colleague has recently started using it, he may not be sticking to it entirely but he seems pretty happy with it and has reordered. So, I’m re-invigorating my quest to shed some of the extra lbs and am going to see if convenience can keep me out of temptation!

My Hamper – my selections arrive for my week’s trial!

For those who don’t know Diet Chef is essentially a calorie counted, pre-ordered hamper providing you with all your meals and snacks, which you then top up with fresh fruit and vegetables. You can choose between 1200 or 1500 calories per day and can select from a pretty big array of options. When you receive your delivery it comes with a booklet where you can record your measurements as well as a food diary to keep you on track and plenty of other useful and relevant information. I have NO idea how this is going to go but I’m determined to stick to it so this morning I duly weighed myself (sharp intake of breath and big reality check!) and I’m going to blog it!

Breakfast – Treacle & Pecan Granola (40g 196 calories)

For today’s breakfast and my 1st ever taste of Diet Chef, I opt for the tasty sounding Pecan & Treacle Granola, I wasn’t sure if this was supposed to be had with milk or not but just ended up eating it as comes. I’m not entirely sure why I was surprised by the size of the portion, 40g isn’t that much, but I was surprised that I wasn’t actually hungry again until the smell of colleagues lunches drove me to get mine!

Lunch – Salmon & Vegetable Bake (300g 234 calories) & fresh mixed veg

Lunch wasn’t bad at all, it was certainly much tastier than I had expected it would be! I didn’t need to add any seasoning, just some fresh mixed veg and heated it all up in the microwave at work! This option is actually a Dinner option but it does say you can mix your meals around as you choose as it’ll all balance out.

Snack Time – fresh kiwi and a Diet Chef soft chocolate cookie (199 calories)

Yum, that was a really tasty snack! (I’d also had a banana earlier in the day!) I’m keeping a track of my calories through myfitnesspal and my exercise through my fitbit so hopefully it’ll all be pretty accurate.

a supper of Smoked Bacon & Bean Soup (300g, 162 calories)

And lastly I had a ‘lunch’ for my supper, a smoked bacon & bean soup. All in all so far so good! The food has been pretty decent, I haven’t been craving anything and I certainly haven’t been feeling hungry!

I’ve consumed 1,100 calories and according to my fitbit, I’ve walked over 10,000 steps (4.59 miles) and climbed 13 floors and been awarded 475 calories back from my exercise. Now the trick is not to use my remaining 575 calories on wine! I’m trying sparkling water flavoured with cucumber! Wish me luck!

For more information on Diet Chef, here’s their website

Ha, just got a 50% off code from Diet Chef, if anyone’s interested, I’ve copied the code in below, knock yourself out! 

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