Days 2 and 3 of my week trial of Diet Chef #foodbloggerbelly

OK, so Day 1 (Monday) of my Diet Chef trial was a surprising success, the food was pretty tasty, and although the portions seemed quite small I didn’t get hungry in between meals. Lets see how I got on as we progress into days 2 & 3 and I’m still using my Fitbit and myfitnesspal to record exercise and calories.

Day 2 _ Tuesday

Breakfast – Apple & Cinammon Porridge (40g, 150 cals)

I’m actually not quite sure why I ordered this as I’m not a massive fan of fruit in cooking but if you like fruity porridge then I guess you probably would have really enjoyed it!

Snack-time – Cheese & Onion Oat Bakes (25g, 105 cals)

These (extremely) cheesy oat-bakes were right up my street, they really ‘punched the spot’ and went quite well with a nice fresh apple as a snack.

Pasta Carbonara (300g, 243 cals) + fresh mixed veg

Unfortunately I had a business lunch booked so after sitting sipping water and a semi-skinny flat white and watching my fellow diner wolf down a delicious looking cullen skink and Haggis balls with a poached egg (at The Hudson), coming back to this was pretty tough! It was OK but, like any pre-prepped (& healthier option) pasta sauce, for me it just didn’t quite hit the spot.

hmm, now which of these do you think I ended up going for…?!

OK, no prizes! I wasn’t hungry and had the choice of the milkshake or 2 glasses of the red stuff, I went red of course!

End of Day 2 (Tuesday) Stats:

Total Calories 1224, 12,500 steps taken / 5.5 miles and 15 floors climbed 

Day 3 – Wednesday

Yesterday was much tougher than Day 1 for me, I had a business lunch arranged, I didn’t eat at the meeting and kept to the diet, but I guess it left me a little disappointed, although I have to say that after a couple of glasses of wine in the evening I was starting to feel a little smug that I’d done it! (I’m not really known for my will-power where good food/wine is concerned as you’ll probably be more than aware). Lets see how Day 3 goes…

Breakfast – Luxury Muesli (40g, 164 cals)

The luxury breakfast muesli was DELICIOUS, I think I’d be pretty happy to have this every day. (Had I been free-pouring it there would have been a lot more than 40g polished off that’s for sure but then portion control is another weakness).

Snack-time – Fresh fruit and a Berry Oat Bar (27g, 96 cals)

Again, a really good snack, some fresh fruit with a Diet Chef oat bar, that should keep me going till I get chance to have my next meal later on after a lunch-time meeting.

Lunch – a Mild Chicken Tikka Masala (300g, 291 cals) with fresh mixed veg

The smell of this as it was heating up was amazing and I have to say this was another really tasty dish. Again I opted to have a ‘dinner’ for lunch and am really starting to love the minimal input required from me in terms of preparation and thought. It’s certainly very easy to fit into a hectic schedule as long as you’re near a microwave. (That said there do seem to be other options that don’t need heating up as well)

Cats clearly like Diet Chef too – I lost my supper to my moggy!

For supper I had been planning on a Ham & Sweetcorn Chowder that I have been reliably informed is very good, unfortunately on returning to the kitchen my moggy Maxwell was already tucking in!!!! Never mind, I found a pack of Nairns Cheese Oaty Bakes in the Cupboard and tucked into those & (ahem) 3 small glasses of wine instead!

End of Day 3 (Wednesday) Stats: (Steps/Mileage/Floors are approx as I forgot my fitbit as it was charging when I went out at lunchtime)

Calories 1258, 16,000c steps taken / 7.5c miles and 10c floors climbed 

All in all still really pleasantly surprised with the quality/taste of the food and the fact that I’m probably eating about half the portion sizes I would normally eat but I’m not getting hungry.

More info on Diet Chef can be found here

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