Days 4, 5 and 6 of my week trial of Diet Chef #foodbloggerbelly

Ok, now I know that you’re advised to weigh yourself just once a week but after 3 days of following Diet Chef I couldn’t resist and was extremely pleased to see I’d lost 3 pounds already!  Day 1 was fine, Day 2 was tough and Day 3 was great and now I can see results I’m inspired not just to see this through but also keep going!

Day 4 – Thursday

Breakfast – Vanilla and Banana Porridge (40 g, 158 cals)

(I much preferred this porridge to the apple and cinnamon one I had on Tuesday).

Lunch – Macaroni Cheese (250 g, 273 cals) & fresh veg

A pretty decent Macaroni Cheese, no complaints from me!

Snack-time – Sweet & Salty Popcorn (23g, 98 cals) and fresh kiwi

Really liking the sweet & salty popcorn!!!

As for supper, here’s where I fell off the wagon, after-work drinks led me into temptation. so exceeded my 1200 calories somewhat, although as I’d walked 7.5 miles that day I’ll not beat myself up about it!

End of Day 4 (Thursday) Stats:

Calories 1573, 15,700 steps taken / 7.45 miles and 22 floors climbed

Day 5 – Friday

Friday already and a Centotre coffee soon sorts me out after last nights indulgences! Like I said, I was almost 400 calories over yesterday but I did plenty of walking so I’m not going to worry too much about it.

This was a really good breakfast, again something I’d happily have on  a regular basis.

Snack – Ginger Oat Biscuits (20g, 87 cals) & fresh apple

Love these oat biscuits, really gingery, no different taste-wise to the ones I usually buy (Nairns), in fact they have the same calorie content so if I were a betting person I’d say they’re ‘white-labelled’ for Diet Chef.

Lunch – Chilli Con Carne (300g, 333 cals) & fresh veg

A really decent Chilli for my lunch, am still really surprised at how tasty/easy it is, brilliant for in the office!

I have to fess up, that Friday night, I slipped by the wayside, the weekend feeling was upon me and after a couple glasses of the red stuff, I was caught in a losing battle with the knowledge that there were two very cheeky breaded camemberts in my freezer begging to be eaten along with some of my mum’s home-made jam! Oopsie!

End of Day 5 (Friday) Stats:

Calories 1757, 16,000 steps taken / 6.8 miles and 30 floors climbed

Day 6 – Saturday

I always knew this day was going to be a struggle, with a friend’s 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations centring around tea and cakes (and Pimms) it was really par for the course that I’d fall spectacularly off the rails, this is how I did it!

Breakfast- Apple & Cinnamon Granola (40 g, 193 cals) sk.milk & & fresh banana

It all started so well, a really delicious breakfast, swiftly followed by a tasty lunch before heading out to our party

Lunch – Lamb Hot Pot (300g, 276 cals)

We’d planned on walking the 3 1/2 miles or so to our party therefore allowing us a little justification of any indulgence to follow, however this being officially the wettest Apr-June ever recorded, the elements were against us, thus a bus came into play.

Because of this we were early so popped in a local hostelry for a pre-party libation. Then picked up the 1st of a few glasses of Pimms & Lemonade at the party, along with a mountain of cake, cupcakes, ‘wedding’ cake and fruit loaf , none of which I managed to resist.

Juliet’s beautifully wicked cupcakes

After the party we decided to walk homewards but only got as far as Stockbridge, appearing right opposite The Buffalo Grill, an old favourite where the Roquefort Ribeye is hard to resist. We decided to terminate our ramble and have supper instead, although we had to retire to a local hostelry for 90 minutes until there was a table for us.

Cheesy Garlic Bread & BBQ ribs at The Buffalo Grill

By this time a few drinks had been consumed and we were ravenous, there clearly wasn’t going to be any calorie counting here! Cheesy Garlic Bread and sticky ribs took the edge of our appetite (along with a fabulous bottle of red, picked up at Vino Wines along the road) before the mains arrived.

a Rump Steak smothered in a mushroom & marsla sauce & chips!

So there you have it, a derailment of quite epic proportions, and I can’t even claim that much exercise back to offset it! I was going to say at least we didn’t have pudding totally forgetting all the cake we’d consumed before!

End of Day 6 (Saturday) Stats:

Calories oh, Thousands! 8,750 steps taken / 4 miles and 16 floors climbed

More info on Diet Chef can be found here

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