Nawroz Kurdish Restaurant in Potterow – Guest Blog by AVM

My thanks to AVM for sharing here recent trip to Kurdish restaurant Nawroz, sounds like another one to add to my already extensive ‘to try’ list! (I’m NEVER going to lose the #foodbloggerbelly am I?!) 
I visited Nawroz, a Kurdish and middle eastern restaurant located in Potterow, for the first time the other night looking for a damn good feed. I’m a big fan of middle eastern food and this restaurant didn’t disappoint. 
They have a set menu priced at £32 for two which includes a starter with a fried nan bread, stuffed vine leaves and various dips, a main course which includes three types of meat on rice, various veggie sides ( including what looks and tastes like baked beans!) and a trio of ice cream (we identified rose ice cream and cardamom ice cream), Turkish delight and mini baclava. 
In all, a lot of food for a great price and the restaurant is BYOB. If you don’t fancy the set meal there’s plenty to choose from an extensive menu. The place was pretty busy with happy looking diners.
The only downside – what is that pong en route to the toilets? Apart from that, nom nom! (Ed, may be something to do with all this rain/flooding as I had the same in another restaurant last week going down to basement bathrooms…? ) 
Nawroz, 26 Potterow, Edinburgh, EH8 9BT

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