My new book has arrived – GARLIC & SAPPHIRES – the secret life of a food critic

Can’t wait to get stuck into this new arrival, thanks to ‘J’ for flagging it up to me, sounds right up my street!

“GARLIC & SAPPHIRES is Ruth Reichl’s delicious and mischievous account of her time spent as an undercover restaurant critic.

Reichl knows that to be a good critic you have to be anonymous. When she lands the much coveted job of the NEW YORK TIMES restaurant critic, she resorts to disguise in order to avoid the inevitable red carpet treatment. 

But what is remarkable about Reichl’s spy games is that takes on these various guises (frumpy, blonde Molly; bohemian, red headed Brenda…}, she finds herself changed beyond her physical appearance. Ruth discovers how ones outer appearance can profoundly influence one’s inner character, expectations – and appetites.”


‘With a sprig of Chervil in her hair, anyone would want t eat up the wonderful Ruth Reichl whole and on the bone. Food is love.’ THE TIMES

‘A pleasure from start to finish’ GUARDIAN

‘Joyous, witty and totally absorbing’ GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

‘Deliciousness on every page’ Jay Rayner, OBSERVER

‘Riotously, effortlessly entertaining – Ruth Reichl is fair-minded, brave and a wonderful writer’ NEW YORK TIMES


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