Seaweed Butter Recipe (Thanks to Xa, from Edinburgh’s Sea Spice Co)

A few months ago I met with Xa, one of Edinburgh’s ‘@SeaSpiceGirls’ and we had an absolutely fascinating  and delightful chat about their seaweed products that are favoured by top Chefs across the country including our very own Paul Wedgwood and Mark Greenaway.

Seaweed & Eat It – a thoroughly charming read

Having then found out about the book they published, an utterly charming read btw, (& with a foreword by AA Gill no less!) called Seaweed & Eat it, as well as having recently sampled their wares in a delicious lamb dish at Wedgwood, I was keen to get on & try cooking with these slightly unusual (in the UK anyway) products. Xa was kind enough to give me some samples and send me some recipes so that I could see for myself.

SeaSpices – Seaweed samples

Having spent a lovely few days Dale-walking in Yorkshire and seeing plenty of cows and sheep yet not managing to eat any, I was desperate to finish off the weekend properly with a nice ‘meaty’ meal at home. We stopped at Booths (a favourite supermarket if in the area) to acquire some nice fillet steak from the butcher and I decided it was time to make up some seaweed butter to serve on the top.

Simply add 2 teaspoons of Shony Flakes to 200g Butter

It’s the simplest recipe, simply mix 2 teaspoons of shony flakes with 200g of softened butter (I used salted), shape into a sausage so it can easily be sliced into rounds, eh viola! It was lovely, it wasn’t salty as I expected but a much more delicate herby, almost earthy flavour and would also be great on fish  or even just spread generously on toast!

eh voila – Steak au Seaweed Butter!

Verdict – a great start! Now looking forward to trying out the rest of the recipes in the near future.

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