Qikserve – a great new smartphone app to make food ordering easier

Since writing this post I was delighted to hear that Qikserve won the Great New Idea Award at The Restaurant Show, Earls Court October 2012 (the UK’s largest Restaurant & Hospitality Trade Show). There was stiff competition from over 300 of the most innovative hospitality brands from around the world and was voted for by the thousands of attendees. Brilliant news  guys, well deserved! 

Last week I met with Ronnie Forbes  CEO of a new app called Qikserve, an Edinburgh grown application that calls itself ‘the waiter in your pocket’, a lover of technology and eating out I was keen to find out more and wasn’t disappointed.

The app itself is a QR code based reader that allows the diner to scan an on-table code which brings up the establishment’s food & drinks menu. It’s simple to use, allows you to add and change your order and also to include special instructions to the kitchen. When you are happy with your order you can send it directly to the kitchen and your food and drinks orders will be served to your table and you will be able to pay the serving staff as normal or pay using a paypal account or mobile wallet.

How did it come about? It’s the brain child of company CEO Daniel Rodgers who was eating out with his two young children last year but found himself unable to leave them alone at the table to go and place their order. Being a frequent solo traveler myself I’ve often found myself frustrated being told that I have to ‘go to the bar to order’, and on many occasion packing up my worldy goods to go to do this and then finding I’ve lost the table I’d managed to bag in the first place.

 Where is it available? It was first trialled in Glasgow ‘s West Brewery Bar and has since operated in Bristol Airport’s Bar Zero 9 and is now coming to restaurant chain Prezzo and in Haven Holiday Camps, where it will integrate within a variety of different service models. They are also in discussions with other well known brands to roll it out across the UK.

As a consumer I love it but for restaurant operators the benefits are numerous from fundamental savings to staff time and costs to opportunities to upsell extras and also capture data capture to optimise future recommendations. It’s fantastic to see an Edinburgh company developing a simple app that can add true value to a dining out experience with plenty of opportunities to further develop both in functionality and in geographical location! This is one I’ll definitely be watching out for as it’s uptake continues to grow.

To find out more you can check their website www.qikserve.com and if you’re as eager as me you can download the app from the app store

& a big THANK YOU to @GeoffBallinger for flagging Qikserve up & making the introduction! 

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4 Responses to “Qikserve – a great new smartphone app to make food ordering easier”

  1. Craig McGill
    November 2, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    Ah, but if you can do this, who needs as many waiting staff then? All you need after this is one person to pour drinks and one person to deliver the food.

    • Nadine
      November 2, 2012 at 11:36 am #

      & one to cook it! It’s not going to work everywhere but certainly in busy airport bars/restaurants etc where time is of the essence (and often understaffing is an issue) it’ll work a treat

  2. Thomas
    January 11, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    If I go to a restaurant, I accept a higher price, because of the experience I have with the location, the personal interaction with the staff and the atmosphere. The single one point when a restaurant can make his customers feel well served besides good food and a nice place, is the interaction with the waiter while ordering the food. It can set the start for a great experience for the rest of the evening or quit the oposite. A nice charming or funny waiter for sure has more value to a restaurant than being forced to order food on a tablet on your own. If I want that, I can go for a delivery service as well. Business owner should concentrate more on proper waiter training. A waiter is for me the POS.

    • Nadine
      January 11, 2013 at 9:40 pm #

      I totally agree Thomas, a good waiter can make or break a restaurant experience, regardless of the quality of the food!
      I don’t think this app is looking at replacing that, in fact in a lot of restaurants it would be inappropriate however in quick turn around situations for example in airports and bars or when travelling solo I think this is a brilliant way to give the diner the thing that is most important for them at that time, which is often comfort, ease & speed

      I certainly wouldn’t want to see this in a restaurant that I was going to for a ‘nice’ lunch or supper either but when on the move I can certainly see the benefits and agree it’s not as relevant when going out specifically to enjoy a full restaurant experience

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