The Alternate Day Fasting Diet – is it for me?

This week saw me start the Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) diet in another (& hopefully final) attempt to shift the #foodbloggerbelly, early days but so far so good.

Since watching the BBC programme Horizon – Eat Fast and Live Longer a few weeks ago as well as hearing of an increasing number of friends and acquaintances taking it up, I decided it might be the answer I’m looking for to help shift the extra weight this gluttonista has gained since starting this blog!

There’s a whole heap of pretty convincing science behind the Alternate Day Diet, much better explained in both the Horizon programme and the Alternate Day Diet book (above) but the general gist behind it is that if you reduce your calorie intake on as little as just 2 days out of seven (or if you’re really hard core every other day), you will see not just weight-loss but a whole heap of other health benefits.

So Monday and Tuesday became my ‘Fast’ or ‘Down Days’ – ideally I would have had them separated by a ‘Feast’ or an ‘Up Day’ however my diary wasn’t going to allow for that (& looks like next week will be the same). I’ve been keeping an online food diary using for a wee while now so was well armed to accurately count every single thing that I was eating and drinking to ensure I was keeping within my chosen 500 calories on my ‘fast’ days.

My 2 days of reduced calories came and went without me chewing my arm off and I have to say it was surprisingly easy, well spaced low calorie grazing and plenty of liquids kept me going without too much drama. I was craving the sensation of eating something amazing but I wasn’t actually hungry although having the ‘willpower of a mouse’ I had to remove myself from temptation so found myself having long baths and reading in bed (really rather pleasant) on those 2 evenings but knowing that I could let loose without any guilt in such a short time kept me going.

I also set up a wee private facebook group which is proving very lively but incredibly inspirational and supportive! There are a mixture of people who are ADF veterans as well as several others just starting out and it’s been great sharing the feelings, experiences, recipes and tips. It’s definitely helping me stick to it as having ‘publicly’ stated I’m doing it and on which days, I can’t really wriggle out of it. (if you would like to join the group click here)

Any drink drunk from a wine glass tastes the same…right?!

I’m now in my blissful 5 day hiatus of eating/drinking whatever I please and have already lost a couple of pounds, although it is early days, but so far it seems like the ideal diet to me. Dare I say it but I’m actually looking forward to my next 2 ‘down days’ and am actually considering making it 3 in a week if I ever have that many days without any events.







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2 Responses to “The Alternate Day Fasting Diet – is it for me?”

  1. Val R
    November 11, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Excellent start to your blog Nadine, I love being part of the group, as you say, bit harder to wriggle out of. Goodluck! ;o)

    • Nadine
      November 12, 2012 at 12:14 pm #

      Thanks Val, I think the group is one of the the key things keeping me on track with this, I’m finding it tremendously supportive and I don’t want to let anyone else who is doing so well down which is much harder than just letting myself down

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