New Zealand Lolly Cake Recipe (courtesy of Mrs C’s Cakes)

‘Stampie’ brought a very interesting cake into the office today, essentially a refrigerator cake with kids sweets encapsulated in it and coated with coconut! It was fab although the 2 pieces I scoffed were more than enough to satisfy any sweet cravings for a wee while.

a NZ Lolly Cake

a NZ Lolly Cake

I dropped Mrs C from Mrs Cs Cakes a line to find out more and see if she’d share the recipe – and very kindly, she did!

 “The Lolly Cake comes all the way from New Zealand and it feature “lollies” which are Fruit Puff sweets, a bit like chewy marshmallows.  I have to use foam shrimps and bananas for this recipe as it it’s the nearest substitute to Fruit Puffs. To the best of my knowledge, lolly cake is unique to New Zealand and they can be purchased in most grocery stores, petrol stations and some dairies!”

The recipes is as follows:


125 g butter
180 g Foam Shrimp and Bananas
115g sweetened condensed milk
250 g Malt biscuits, crushed
coconut to sprinkle all over

1 Melt butter, stir in condensed milk, cool.
2 Stir in Shrimps and Bananas (cut into four) and crushed biscuits.
3 Shape into log and cover with coconut.
4 Refrigerate until solid, then cut with a sharp knife!

mrscscakes (3)

 Mrs C’s Cakes are based in Edinburgh and can also be found on Facebook (although it can be dangerous having pictures of her lush offerings popping up in your newsfeed, you have been warned!)

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  1. January 21, 2013 at 11:54 am #

    They look like tablet so if they taste anything like that I’d be happy (looks like way less work than tablet!) – is it similar in taste?

    Looks like it would be good with smarties in it or those little foam mushrooms that are covered in coconut – if you still get those kiddie sweets!

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