Beer & Food Matching Event with Molson Coors at The Cellar Restaurant, West End

Looking forward to this event tomorrow night, wonder if it’ll convert me to being a beer drinker…….

Join Ryan’s Bar, The Cellar Restaurant and the beer sommeliers from Molson Coors and explore a range of beers matched against a specially created four course menu.

Coor's prawns

Coor’s prawns

Everybody knows that matching food and wine is an art which can make or break a meal, but matching beers to foods is even more complex – beer has a far greater range of styles and varieties, and the flavours to be found roam across a huge spectrum.

Learn about the four steps in beer tasting, sample a range of different beer styles, and enjoy them alongside a meal constructed around (and containing) some classic brews. 

Doom Bar Sirloin Steak

Doom Bar Sirloin Steak


“Blue Moon” bread served on tables
Served with Modelo Especiale Beer to tempt your taste buds.

“Coors Light” crispy tempura beer battered king prawnsserved with a pepper salsa

Matched with “Coors light” American lager, to cleanse the palate, whilst the sweet prawns will complement the sweeter & lighter taste of the beer.

Main course
Grilled 8oz sirloin steak with gratin dauphinoise, green beans, Doom Bar diane sauce, and “Coors Light” beer battered onion rings

 Matched to “Doom Bar” Cornish ale to entice the richness of the meat. Doom Bar is rich & dark, just like the sirloin, so they will complement each other perfectly, whilst the hoppy bite will cut through the Diane sauce.

“Blue Moon”chocolate and orange torte served with a pineapple and ginger compote

 Matched to “Blue Moon” North American wheat beer which is creamy, fruity & spicy, just like this gorgeous dessert. The dish & the beer will compliment whilst the bubbles in the gentle carbonation will ensure every mouthful is enjoyed.

Blue Moon Torte

Blue Moon Torte

£25pp – just a few places left!
Thursday 28th February at 7.30
Ryans Bar, The Cellar Restaurant, 2-4 Hope Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4DB
To book, please call on 0131 226 6669 or contact us here.

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