Lunch at The Pommery (& Recipe for their fab Beetroot Coleslaw)

Last year The Pommery pop-up Champagne Bar in the stunning Signet Library became a regular indulgence of mine, neatly hidden amongst the bustle at the heart of the Festival on the Royal Mile (next to St Giles cathedral). So this year I didn’t need asking twice to attend last Friday’s launch party (lots of champagne before heading off to an 80’s roller disco – let’s just say we were pretty fearless by that point!) and yesterday I returned for lunch.

Pommery Champagne Bar in The Signet Library

Pommery Champagne Bar in The Signet Library

Last year’s sharing platters were pretty awesome but this year they’ve added Aberdeen Angus burgers to the menu and no true ‘steak girl’ can turn down a nice bit of beef! (The lobster also looks outstanding and for those with a sweet tooth the afternoon teas looked rather scrumptious too!)

As usual – the venue is amazing, I especially love the mirrored topped tables even if they must be incredibly high maintenance for the staff (a home-made solution of vinegar, lemon & water rubbed down with newspaper rather than a cloth is their secret I’m told).

What lunchtime in a champagne bar would be complete without a glass of fizz ? So as we enjoyed the bubbles and waited for the burgers we amused ourselves watching the occasional well-suited worker surreptitiously popping into an alcove for a book (this is still a working library).

Aberdeen Angus Bugers in The Pommery Cafe Bar

Aberdeen Angus Bugers in The Pommery Cafe Bar

The burger was a big meaty, tasty affair, no complaints there but the real stars for me were the delicious beetroot coleslaw side laced with caraway seed and the tomato & paprika jam in the burger – both the concoctions of incredibly talented, 18 year old Heritage Portfolio Chef, Jamie Reid.

& WIN, I managed to get his light and simple coleslaw recipe to share with you all – see below.

Again, I have a suspicion that this haven of tranquility will be my little sanity-check hideaway during the Festival this year, it’s always a real treat to be able to come somewhere that as a local is normally off-limits and it’s a great place to take visitors as they would probably never know what a gem it is.

Chef Jamie reid's homemade beetroot coleslaw and tomato & paprika jam

Chef Jamie reid’s homemade beetroot coleslaw and tomato & paprika jam

Beetroot Coleslaw Recipe Ingredients:

(this would obviously make rather a lot so I’d probably half or quarter these quantities accordingly)

Beetroot 1kg

Carrot 1Kg

Celeriac 1

Dill 100g

Caraway Seeds 15g

Lemon 3

Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil 300ml


Peel and julienne all vegetables. Mix lemon juice and zest with rapeseed oil. Then mix with the vegetables, Dill & Caraway Seeds and leave to rest for a hour to let the vegetables really absorb the flavour.

(I’m looking forward to trying this out for a family barbecue this weekend!)


The Pommery Champagne Bar is open daily from 2nd to 26th August from 11am til late.

Click here for more information or follow @PommeryBar on Twitter


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