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I was recently intro’d to Barry – and you can’t fail to be inspired by his story – it’s well worth sharing and a wonderful encouragement to all ‘foodies’ who have dreams of making a career out of it.

 Barry set-up MyVirginKitchen in 2010 and made videos of himself cooking recipes in the evenings and shared them on YouTube – every recipe cooked is him cooking for the first time.

Over time his online culinary exploits became his passion and he started creating a broader range of fun videos, from simple dinners and cooking with kids (he clearly wasn’t phased by the old animals/children adage) to more extreme things like cooking using hair straighteners!

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Barry was originally inspired by TV chef Jamie Oliver so he must’ve been over the moon when Oliver discovered his Virgin Kitchen and signed him up to work on his own YouTube Channel. Don’t you love serendipity!

Since then, things have gone from strength to strength, food is now his career (a far cry from the construction sector) and he’s even just brought out a recipe book! He kindly sent me a copy and it’s easy on the eye and bursting with colourful pictures, quick & simple recipes, often with quirky titles – there’s no mistaking Oliver’s influence – I am totally trying his encased white chocolate & raspberry cheesecake – simply genius (and the biscuit is one of the best bits of a cheesecake IMOH)

Barry's Encased White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

Barry’s Encased White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

A fantastic story and can’t wait to see what he goes on to do next, his own cookery school or even restaurant, the world is certainly his lobster right now….

You can also follow his culinary adventures @myvirginkitchen


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