Miller & Carter, New Edinburgh Steak Restaurant

A few weeks ago I received a lovely box in the post with a Steak cookbook (they clearly know my nickname) along with some info on Miller & Carter, a new Steakhouse opening in Edinburgh in what used to be the Cramond Brig.

I’d missed the launch event so when I received an invitation to try it out just the day before I happened to be walking past it on my way back from a ‘ladies day on Incholm Island with Bees – it seemed very serendipitous! To be fair, we’d already planned a refreshment stop there so it fitted in perfectly. and it was time for ‘Steak Girl’ to see what all the fuss was about!

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We were beyond starving when we got there and utterly gobsmacked to find the place rammed at 6.30 in the evening, albeit a Friday evening, clearly a lot of fans already in the four weeks it’d been open! It was also huge inside – who knew!

It’s a slick operation, staff kitted out with fancy electronic ordering equipment and buzzers and a highly organised front desk, welcoming diners and getting them seated.

The menu is awesome, what can I say – we could have tried pretty much everything on it but to assuage our hunger as quickly as possible we decided on a sharing platter to start, comprising of Bourbon glazed pork belly bites, barbecue chicken wings, calamari, onion loaf (which we swapped for cheesy garlic bread), homemade nachos, a spinach & mozzarella dip and toasted ciabatta.

sharing starter platter at Miller & Carter

sharing starter platter at Miller & Carter

For mains we ordered a 16oz chateaubriand – this comes with 2 sauces of your choice, we both had peppercorn, and onion loaf and fries. And a glass of wine each from their specially paired wines & beef menu – a nice touch!

We were a little confused when asked what we would like on our ‘lettuce wedges’ – this is an iceberg lettuce wedge with a sauce, that comes between your starter and main as a sort of palate cleanser. I went for cocktail with croutons and bees the Garlic & Chive mayonnaise with Parmesan.

Our sharing platter didn’t really touch the sides we were so hungry – all very nice although I’m not sure on the homemade tortillas – a very different texture to the corn chips you get most places and also there was a very strong blue cheese tang in the spinach & mozarella dip.

A 'lettuce wedge' with a classic cocktail sauce and croutons

A ‘lettuce wedge’ with a classic cocktail sauce and croutons

The lettuce wedges were a nice idea, however they were awfully difficult to eat – they came in small wooden bowls and we had the biggest steak knives I’ve ever seen with which to try & cut it – we gave up but if they’d been served on a normal plate and it was easy to cut I could see the appeal.

The star of the meal, without doubt was the steak – these guys know their beef – their steaks are 28 days aged and sourced from Scottish farms – there’s a dazzling array of on & off the bone cuts to choose from! I loved the enormous knives we got and it’s always fun to carve at the table. The peppercorn sauce was delicious btw!

Chateaubriand at Miller & Carter

Chateaubriand at Miller & Carter

Let’s just say that two very sated ladies left there that evening! I’d definitely go back if I was in the area (it’s a bit far off my beaten track to become a regular haunt).

I hadn’t realised until afterwards that Miller & Carter are actually a chain but looking at their social media, it’s as slick as their operation – no wonder they’re going down a storm in the Capital.

Miller & Carter, Cramond Brig
Cramond, Edinburgh, EH4 6DY 
Tel: 0131 339 4350


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  1. June 25, 2014 at 3:54 pm #

    I drive past this place each day on my way home from work and it’s always busy. Having seen your review, I may just have to stop off one of these evenings soon! Looks fabby!

    • Nadine
      June 27, 2014 at 1:41 pm #

      The only trouble is choosing what you want – there’s just so much!

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