Chocolate Dipped Cardamom Fudge Recipe

For everyone who asked me for the recipe – here it is!

Chocolate Dipped Cardamom Fudge

Chocolate Dipped Cardamom Fudge

This was in the BBC Good Food Magazine’s Birthday issue and having never made fudge before and being in possession of a newish, unused sugar thermometer I decided to give it a go.

It’s super simple, although a little heavy on the arms with all the beating while the temperature was reducing but oh my, tasty as! Lets just say it went down a treat in Tayburn Towers and I’ll be making this for Festivus (Christmas to those who like it) gifts this year.


20 Cardamom Pods

450g/1lb Caster Sugar

400g/14oz Double Cream

50g Butter

1 tbsp Glucose Syrup


  • Crack the cardamom pods using a pestle & mortar, remove the seed pods & then pulverise them into a fine powder.
  • Line a 20x20cm tin with baking parchment
  • Put the cardamom, sugar, cream, butter & glucose into a large heavy bottomed pan & gently heat until the butter has melted and the sugar dissolved.
  • Place a sugar thermometer in the pan & turn the heat up and bring the syrup to a steady boil, stirring occasionally to stop the sugar from catching.
  • Keep boiling until it reaches 116C (the soft ball stage), this is important otherwise your fudge won’t set.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and leave undisturbed until the temperature drops to 110C
  • Stir in a good pinch of salt
  • Keeping the thermometer in the pan, begin beating the mixture quite vigorously with a wooden spoon until the temperature cools down to 60C. This is also very important to give the fudge it’s smooth, creamy texture.
  • Quickly pour the fudge into the prepared tin, before it sets completely and smooth the top.
  • Leave to cool at room temperature overnight (don’t put it in the fridge as it won’t set properly).

The next day I cut my block of fudge up into bite size chunks and melted some high quality dark chocolate and dipped the pieces in and left to set on trays covered in baking parchment!

Eh voila!

(I also made the Squidgy Pumpkin & Ginger Loaf from the same magazine – really tasty too, another one I’ll be making again!)


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3 Responses to “Chocolate Dipped Cardamom Fudge Recipe”

  1. T
    March 21, 2015 at 7:51 am #

    So I spent my evening making this as a hostess gift for dinner I am going to this evening! It was surprisingly less complicated than I was expecting and it seems to have gone okay. Looking forward to turning it out and cutting it, to dip in chocolate later. Just need to find a nice little box to place the pieces in! (After a quick sampling to make sure it worked!!) assuming it all went well, I happen to have enough ingredients leftover to make a stash for us! 😉

    • Nadine
      March 21, 2015 at 9:11 am #

      It is pretty easy, just takes a bit of elbow grease on the cooling/mixing, I’ve slacked off a bit during the process and it doesn’t seem to have adversely affected the results too! Enjoy – your hostess will LOVE it I’m sure


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