A 5-course Sensory Dining Experience with Nespresso

Last week myself and group of local foodie bloggers were invited to the intriguing sounding sensory dining experience being hosted by Nespreso and Currys in the private dining room at G&V (formerly Missoni).


I love coffee (Nespresso especially – anyone who knows me will know what my favourite bit of kitchen kit is just now) and I love fine dining – WIN!

We were given a little time-tour of Nespresso machines & their development over the years, culminating in their latest offering, a connected coffee machine that you can control via your mobile phone (both the making of your coffee and your pod management/ordering), pretty cool!

Now, to the food – what exactly do you get in a 5-course meal with coffee in every dish…..?



Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella with Tomato Jam and Nespresso Rosabaya Coffee Bean Jus (eaten blindfolded)

Italian Style Risotto Flavoured with Nespresso Cosi, Yellow Pepper, Fresh Tomato Petals and a Micro Cress Salad

Pan Fried Venison Loin, Sauteed Mixed Wild Mushrooms and Fried Nespresso Kazaar Flavoured Custard

Vanilla Ice Cream, Nespresso Vanillito Panacotta, Chocolate Sauce and Chocolate & Nespresso Caramelito Crisp

Petit Four: Nespresso Indriya and Frangelico Truffles



All of this was washed down with copious quantities of red wine and finished off with a cocktail – a great night with much hilarity, interesting flavour combinations (not a fan of some of them it has to be said) and a lot of inspiration for things to try at home.

Thanks to all Nespresso, Currys and G&V Hotel we had a blast!


Oh, and I think they were quite amused when I told them how I know the strength of my coffee when using a pod dispenser – I write the number on the top with a sharpie! I’m hoping they’ll take this idea and start printing it on the cartridges as it’s not easy to remember and you don’t always want the same strength, especially if it’s a day you know you’ll be drinking a lot.


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