Top Burger Restaurants in Edinburgh

The folks at Quartermile luxury apartments have been checking out the best burger bars in town for this guest post – I have to say I agree with the ones I’ve tried and the others look great too! 

Top Burger Bars In Edinburgh

Sometimes when hunger strikes, there is nothing you want more than a burger. While this popular foodstuff has developed a bit of a bad reputation in recent decades, courtesy of several global fast food chains, things are beginning to change. In fact, the humble burger has got a new lease of life thanks to trendy bars and restaurants giving it a make-over.

Here are just a few of Edinburgh’s burger joints that have successfully bettered the burger, turning it into something truly amazing.

The Cambridge Bar

The Cambridge bar’s success is down to its belief in good quality ingredients, and a flame grill to keep in all those flavours. At The Cambridge Bar you can find the traditional Cheese Burger as well as some more adventurous burgers such as the Bacon and Guac burger.

The best thing about this eatery is your freedom to choose your meat, whether or not you have a burger bun or even whether you have 1 patty or three! You really have the freedom to make the ultimate burger of your choosing.


 56 North

 If you are wanting a real gourmet experience and a lavish burger to boot, look no further than 56 North. Their range of gourmet burgers may be on the expensive side – ranging from £9.95-£15.95, but it is well worth the visit to experience this sensational selection.

Grab an American-inspired Detroit burger, topped with smoked cheddar, pepperoni and American mustard, or a slice of Italy with their Naples burger drenched in mozzarella, olive tapenade and parma ham. With over 250 gins available at 56 North it would be rude not to enjoy your burger with one of their many tailor made cocktails.

 Holyrood 9A

Unsurprisingly located in Holyrood, this Old Town eatery provides the perfect location to experience a hearty meal and a good craft beer or two – Holyrood 9A has a great selection of bottled beers and beers on tap. With over 50 burgers on offer, made with the best local produce, your only struggle will be choosing. With premium gourmet burgers such as the Chilli Death; featuring Dunlop cheddar, chilli, jalapenos, sour cream & habanero ketchup and the 55° North burger; with toppings of prosciutto, garlicky mushroom, brie and truffle mayo, you are not likely to make a wrong choice.

As you will quickly be able to tell, these burgers are not your average cheeseburger. With a price of £10.95 this is definitely one for a special occasion or a pitstop to visit to satisfy hunger after a day of sightseeing in Old Town.


The City Cafe

A diner by day and a drinks venue by night, The City Cafe is the perfect place to grab a bite after a day out in the big Capital. All their burgers are served with lettuce, tomato, gherkin and a pot of home-made french fries too. Their burger buns are made especially for the City Cafe by The Breadwinner bakery so you are guaranteed something tasty and fresh.

Choose from a range of reasonably priced burgers – starting from £8.00 for a classic burger with a range of customisable options. If you are after a challenge, you could always try out the ultimate burger challenge, a gargantuan meal of 3 homemade hamburgers, 2 marinated chicken breasts, 2 spicy bean burgers, with a side of fries and coleslaw. This staggering £30 burger is the biggest in Scotland! And for those able to consume the whole plate within 45 minutes, the meal is free. WARNING! This is not for the faint-hearted.

Thanks to Quartermile Apartments for the round-up – will look forward to seeing your next round-up.

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