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I’ve always had a huge passion for food and I guess a lot of it stems from childhood, growing up in a small seaside town in North Devon with a garden full of a variety of fresh fruit, salads and vegetables and a mother who spent a lot of time in the kitchen to provide us with good wholesome fare (often with myself and my sister stood on a chair beside her clamouring to help and lick spoons and other such important tasks).

Weekends would see us out and about in the countryside, we were never without a bowl to collect whatever mother nature obligingly threw in our path that season. Elderberries, Gorse, Rosehips, Sloes, Blackberries, Raspberries, Wild Strawberries, Dandelion were all harvested, some went into jams and desserts however most went into a range of homemade wines that my parents would make (with varying degrees of success it has to be said).

I’ve also worked my fair share in the Hospitality sector from holiday jobs through to full time employment and think everyone should do a stint behind a bar or as waiting staff, it’s a real educator that’s for sure! Edinburgh is home to so many wonderful restaurants, cafes and bars and with Scotland being home to some amazing produce what better place to record and share my, often gluttonous but always enthusiastic, foodie adventures.

All opinions, unless stated, are my own and likewise, all reviews, unless stated, are undertaken as an anonymous paying customer & are paid for from my own pocket. It’s fair to say I often get invited to some lovely events (and of course go to as many as I can) and as such will say that I am a guest.

I love to hear from fellow foodies and welcome you to get in touch with any feedback, suggestions or recommendations – nadinepierce@gmail.com


Other Foodie Things I’ve done:

Summer 2014 – Official Foodies Festival Blogger (see here to WIN tickets) 


June 2014 – A Foodies Guide to Edinburgh Interview for Wow247


Summer 2013 – I took an online course in The Science of Gastronomy run by the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology – & what an interesting course it was – it was great to look at the Science behind cooking processes, taste etc and learn why a number of things that you might do instinctively actually work (or don’t!)


Feb 2013 – I finally get round to writing my 1st post for The Great British Chefs blog – one of my favourite foodie websites and also a thoroughly lovely and passionate bunch of folk! Always a pleasure to see them when I’m down in London

MY first post on The Great British Chefs blog

MY first post on The Great British Chefs blog


Nov 2012 – a review of Al Dente for The Edinburgh Travel Guide

Foreground: gorgonzola stuffed, parma ham wrapped figs; Background: cabbage dumplings stuffed with pork & mushrooms


Oct 2012 – ‘Buy 2 get 1 Free’ – I find myself speaking at a CIPR event along with real, paid ‘foodies’ (public speaking, I’ve discovered is not my greatest talent shall we say!)

The Edinburgh food and drink scene is fast-growing and with new restaurants, delis, cafes and bars opening up every day. It is no wonder that the capital is also home to some of the best food and drink bloggers. CIPR Scotland has rounded up the pick of the blogging crop for this event, which will offer an informal and relaxed insight into the world of food writing. So basically, me & these two well known characters:

Alex Renton

Alex Renton is an award-winning journalist specialising in poverty and development and in food culture and food policy around the world. He writes for The Guardian, The Observer, The Times, BBC Online, the Daily Mail and Prospect Magazine and more recently has worked for the BBC. www.alexrenton.com

Donald Reid

Donald is the List magazine’s Food & Drink Editor and one of the leading lights in the Slow Food Movement in Scotland. He is the editor of The List Eating & Drinking Guide and The Larder and co-author of the Rough Guide to Scotland.http://www.list.co.uk/food-and-drink/

Image 25-02-2013 at 16.48

Sept 2012 – a review of The Sheep Heid that I was asked to do for the ESPC weekly paper. You can also see the review online on the ESPC Blog

Restaurant review of the Sheep Heid Inn, Edinburgh for ESPC

Aug 2012 – My top tip for a visitor to our fair city!

Hotels4U.com Travel Guide

June 2012 – Becoming a Mystery Diner

I was recently asked if I would be a ‘mystery shopper’ for some Edinburgh restaurants & bars, of course this was right up my street & have since carried out a number of assignations!

secret squirrel mystery diner

Jan 2012 – a wee appearance (along with fellow blogger Edinburgh Foody) in The Scottish Field, Feb 2012 issue as guests at a Bollinger tasting evening at The Balmoral Hotel

SCENEaround pages of The Scottish Field, Feb 2012


December 2011 – My first ‘official’ restaurant review in the Edinburgh Evening News

Edinburgh Evening News 11/12/12

August 2011 – saw me taking part in the Comcomedy Cook-off (Fringe comedians competing to cook a souffle) as a Judge. Sweet things really aren’t my thing but was good fun to do!

Episode 1: Jeff leach vs James Acaster

Episode 2: Horse & Louis vs Rayguns look Real Enough 

Episode 3: Naz Osmanoglu vs Gemma Goggin

Gastronomic Elite? I could get used to that…

Scotland’s leading food critics……?!

March 2011 – ESPC’s Premier Living magazine gives Eating Edinburgh a mention

Premier Living Magazine March 2011