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Jeremy Wares charity dinner – what did we eat?!

As many of you will know I was quite excited to have been invited to a charity dinner at Houston House Hotel hosted by Michelin chef Jeremy Wares to raise money for Parkinsons Disease. Jeremy Wares suffers from Parkinsons and opened a restaurant at (the rather lovely) Houston House earlier in the year and came […]

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Cheese Fondue – don’t mind if I do! (recipe)

You may have noticed I’m having a bit of a love-fest with dishes more suited to the colder weather and after ‘visiting ‘Morocco with a ‘summery’ flavoured Tagine yesterday, tonight I’ve gone to the mountains in search of snow and cheese, in fact mountains of it! (Cheese Fondue, as my friends all know, is often […]

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Honey Wild Supper Club ‘pops up’ in Edinburgh

What can I say, I absolutely loved it! It’s hard to describe what a special experience it is, I’d happily eat in this kind of ‘hometaurant’ manner on a regular basis. At £25 per head donation for a 5 course freshly prepared meal it’s an absolute steal and as you can bring your own wine it’s a double win! Not only can I highly recommend going to a supper club as a solo diner like I did, it’d be an absolute hoot with your friends or even to host one yourself.

I can’t wait to go to another one, in fact it’s just a shame that I can’t make Karen’s next one on the 30th March as I’ve had it on good authority she throws a good do in her own home too!

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Where I’ve been pigging out in recent weeks (Part 1) – yes, really!

I seem to have been eating out so much recently and caught up in the pre-Xmas chaos that I’ve had little time to write things up. So for ease I thought I’d share some pictures of my recent greedy exploits.

I’m ashamed to say that there are actually so many that I’m going to have to split it into 2 posts!

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The Mulroy, in Edinburgh’s West End, this could be my new favourite Restaurant!

It was exquisite, every single last morsel. Clever, exciting food combinations and elegant presentation created one of my favourite dining experiences to date. The noises that we were emitting could have been construed to be highly indecent but we couldn’t stop and our smiles didn’t fade all afternoon. In fact our boss and his wife were planning their visit for the very next day.

I can’t wait to go back and try the a la carte menu along with a more generous helping of the old red stuff to wash it down. I can’t recommend you try this find heartily enough and at £13.50 for 2 courses on the lunch time menu it’s an absolute steal! Just don’t expect a highly effusive greeting, service or farewell!

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Steaks at the Smokestack (Guest Blog from Dr Science)

This really sums up the appeal of this restaurant. They have taken the same approach to using quality ingredients, simply and perfectly prepared for years, and kept that formula consistent.

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The Plumed Horse Tasting Menu (with wines of course :o)

To summarise, a lovely meal with great company, the surroundings were calming, comfortable and not detracting from the food, the staff were excellent, uber-polished but very open to a bit of banter from the more ‘raucous’ of the group! The food was good – well presented, well cooked and very tasty and apart from the one course that wasn’t to our taste, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. They were also very generous with the wine with each course. At £65 per head & £45pp for the complimenting wines it’s on a par with the other Edinburgh based Michelin starred restaurants. I would definitely go again but would go A la carte and stick with red meats and wine, the carnivore that I am!

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Castle Terrace Tasting Menu – the only place, ever, we didn’t leave a tip!

It’ll be no surprise to hear that our verdict on this place isn’t great. Although the A La Carte menu looked delicious it’s highly unlikely any of us would ever go back to try it. From start to finish the service from the waiting staff was bored and disinterested, often not explaining what we were being served, very rushed or just mumbled so we couldn’t understand it. The lack in variety of the wines (where was the champagne or a sparkling at the very least and a nice rose or even a chilled light red?) and the quality of the food did not make this a £100 per head experience.

SO different from the sumptuous and faultless experience we had when we had at Kitchin. It almost felt that this was aimed at tourists and we were simply ‘cash cows’ and it’s the first time we haven’t left a tip! We were all unanimous on that point! We left feeling totally cheated and headed off with much haste to get a nice bottle of red to fortify our somewhat flagging spirits.

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a Royal Wedding & a return to Wedgwood

Verdict, the food was exceptional (again) and it is very good value for money, it’s just such a shame we weren’t made aware on booking that only the lunch menu was available as it did leave us feeling slightly disappointed. Had we known, we would probably have had lunch somewhere else and gone back one evening instead to get what we had really wanted. Now justifying a 3rd trip within such a short space of time is going to be very difficult. despite this disappointment, it’s still keeping it’s slot at no2 in my top restaurants (for the moment) and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the lunch menu to anyone as a great value introduction to the wonders of the Wedgwood kitchen.

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Wedgwood – Oh SO good!

The decor is elegant and simple with clean lines and some striking focal points. The staff were friendly and informative, the food exquisite, high quality, well presented and with flavours that surprise & delight (pallate cleanser & the fig with the venison in particular), it’s fine dining without the formality that comes with a Michelin star. I’ve found myself a new favourite restaurant and can’t wait to return to sample the new Spring menu which is launching this week.

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