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The UK’s Changing Food Trends and the growth in ‘GYO’

I’ve recently completed my MSc Gastronomy dissertation in which I studied GYO bloggers in the UK and looked at their GYO and GYO blogging in terms of food activism – it was a really interesting study and my findings led to the conclusion that there is a groundswell in grow your own and that it […]

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Final Day & Thoughts on my Diet Chef experience #foodbloggerbelly

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’ve been really surprised by the quality/taste of the food! I certainly wouldn’t have thought it would be quite so good! It’s also a very balanced diet covering all the food groups and I wasn’t left craving any sweet treats.

Price-wise – this diet would actually save me money coming in at around £50 per week, all you need to add are fresh fruit and vegetables and other basics such as milk, much less than I would normally spend on a week’s food! Despite me not sticking to it entirely, I still lost almost 3 pounds (although to be fair with the large amount of walking I was doing, there was only one day where my calories-in exceeded my calories-out which is the critical factor with any diet).

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Days 4, 5 and 6 of my week trial of Diet Chef #foodbloggerbelly

Ok, now I know that you’re advised to weigh yourself just once a week but after 3 days of following Diet Chef I couldn’t resist and was extremely pleased to see I’d lost 3 pounds already! Day 1 was fine, Day 2 was tough and Day 3 was great and now I can see results I’m inspired not just to see this through but also keep going!

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Days 2 and 3 of my week trial of Diet Chef #foodbloggerbelly

All in all still really pleasantly surprised with the quality/taste of the food and the fact that I’m probably eating about half the portion sizes I would normally eat but I’m not getting hungry between meals.

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Day One of my week Trial of Diet Chef! #foodbloggerbelly

If anyone is wondering about my quest to lose the #foodbloggerbelly so far, it’s been an abysmal failure! Partly due to regular work travel and client entertainment, partly down to not planning my grocery shopping for when I am home but mainly down to sheer gluttony!

I’ve seen regular adverts for Diet Chef and a colleague has recently started using it, he many not be sticking to it entirely but for the most part he seems pretty happy with it, so, I’m re-invigorating my quest to shed some of the extra lbs and am going to see if convenience can keep me out of temptation!

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Me & my #foodbloggerbelly go to bootcamp!

When a friend of mine dropped me a line to say that a friend of hers had recently started a luxury bootcamp business with 5* accommodation and a proper chef and would it be of interest to fit in with my quest to lose the #foodbloggerbelly, I immediately thought yesssss! My last musings on the […]

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Urban Angel – natural food all the way!

Interestingly, right from the outset it was very clear that Gilly totally believes in her products, on offering me a cake and with a look of almost pitying disappointment when I said I couldn’t as I was on a diet she replied “there’s nothing bad for you in our cakes!”. And funnily enough although such confectionary doesn’t fit in with my current self-imposed low carb (processed foods) and low-fat diet, that I’ve already been struggling with and I’m only on week 2, I have to agree with her. Organic butter, local free range eggs and sugar are all good natural ingredients and everything is made from scratch.

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Hula Juice Bar – healthy and delicious! (not words I put together often)

To sum it up – if I could have such an enjoyable and tasty eating out experience every week while I’m dieting then I’ll have no trouble getting rid of the #foodbloggerbelly! I actually wish they were just that bit closer to the office so I could go more regularly, I will definitely be going back. I didn’t really have to test them with my dietary requirements as they’re well geared up to cover most requests and I heartily recommend a visit, diet or not!

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