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a cheeky lunch at Galvin Brasserie De Luxe

Since it’s opening, I’d been desperate to try the Galvin Brasserie De Luxe, part of the recent and extensive refurb at the Waldorf Caledonian Hotel, (especially with chef Craig Sandle at the helm – my mouth waters just recalling an amazing day foraging with him in Perthshire and the delicious al fresco lunch he prepared). Along with […]

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Where I’ve been pigging out recently (part 2)

And so to conclude my recent dining experiences, here is the second instalment in this brief pictorial summary.

It’s obscene I know!

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A disappointing lunch at Elliot’s Bar & Restaurant, Apex Waterloo Place

Now to the lesson in cookery! You’re going to like this! As the payment was going through we were asked if everything had been ok, I started with the usual British polite untruth but indignancy allowed me to find my voice and say “yes, except for the slow service” to which we were treated to the reason for the delay! Apparently it takes a very long time to cook a fish cake to get the centre hot! By this time keeping a straight face was nigh on impossible, but the ridiculousness of it all, had at least broken my annoyance, especially when I realised what an entertaining blog this would be. (In case you were wondering, no tip was left!)

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Hawke & Hunter’s new all-day Menu

All for the sake of the blog, (who am I trying to kid? we were making the most out of the opportunity!) we did manage to cover off almost half of the menu and I certainly wouldn’t have any hesitation going back and trying the rest of it. There were a lot of lovely touches and the staff were great but I especially loved the cleverly thought out seasonal menu. The prices are in line with city centre standards but the 2 for 1 offer makes it exceptionally good value. True, it didn’t cost us anything and they knew we were going to be there to review it but to be fair everyone else seemed to be enjoying their lunches just as much! Would I put my hand in my own pocket and return? Without doubt although I wouldn’t perhaps be so greedy!

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99 Hanover Street’s 99p Lunch

I’ve seen the flyers for 99 Hanover Street’s 99p lunch but never tried it so when ‘Texan Lassie’ suggested it this week I thought it’d be a great one to review. Whilst waiting for TL to arrive (she was delayed by the Pope mobile, or the photographing of…) I was more than happy to let […]

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