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NEW – YO! Sushi opens on Princes Street, Edinburgh

For all you sushi lovers a brand new YO! Sushi opened on Princes Street on Tuesday! Situated on the corner of Princes Street and Hanover Street, overlooking The Mound, Princes Street Gardens and Edinburgh Castle, the new 65-seat restaurant will create over 25 new jobs in the local area and has been designed to appeal […]

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A Scottish Chilli Farm, Scottish Wine and Scottish Sushi!

Last week’s press trip to discover some Foodie ‘hidden gems’ was fantastic, I’ve already blogged about the amazing tasting menu created for us by Chef Tom Lewis but I also wanted to mention some of the other things we got up to! Scottish Sushi: I love sushi and have always wanted to have a go […]

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi – must-see #foodporn documentary

‘Meet 85 year-old Jiro Ono, widely praised as the world’s greatest sushi chef. His tiny restaurant, Sukiyabashi Jiro, is tucked away in a Tokyo subway station and only seats ten, yet bears 3 Michelin stars and has a month-long reservation waiting list. Jiro runs this culinary gem with a will of iron, deft fingers and […]

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Castle Terrace Tasting Menu – the only place, ever, we didn’t leave a tip!

It’ll be no surprise to hear that our verdict on this place isn’t great. Although the A La Carte menu looked delicious it’s highly unlikely any of us would ever go back to try it. From start to finish the service from the waiting staff was bored and disinterested, often not explaining what we were being served, very rushed or just mumbled so we couldn’t understand it. The lack in variety of the wines (where was the champagne or a sparkling at the very least and a nice rose or even a chilled light red?) and the quality of the food did not make this a £100 per head experience.

SO different from the sumptuous and faultless experience we had when we had at Kitchin. It almost felt that this was aimed at tourists and we were simply ‘cash cows’ and it’s the first time we haven’t left a tip! We were all unanimous on that point! We left feeling totally cheated and headed off with much haste to get a nice bottle of red to fortify our somewhat flagging spirits.

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Hay Sushi (hey hey hey!)

The food and the company were great, so was the decor and the prices, the only thing that lets it down at the moment is the service which was unsteady and lacking personality (on The Pineapple asking for a Japanese speciality that is often served ‘off-menu’ the waitress informed us she wasn’t Japanese and didn’t even offer to check with the Chef and also after finishing our meal we were left for about 20 minutes and had to ask the waitress for more drinks).

The presentation was great and the food was lovingly placed on gorgeous crackle glazed crockery, although this is traditionally a more Chinese trait whereas the Japanese dishes tend to be pretty simple and let the fish speak for itself (amazing what you learn isn’t it!)

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